Why Choose BH&AT?

We offer a 100% natural approach to your health, based on the cause of the problem, not the symptomatic treatment normally found. 

We believe that we are not only what we eat, but what we can digest and absorb, the state of your gut and the state of your blood are great indicators to see deficiency and imbalances like; 

nutrient-deficient, mineral deficient, enzyme deficient, high acidity, IBS, liver stress, cancer, etcetera

Services we offer

Live and Dry Blood Analysis

Nutrition microscopist is the science of qualitative blood observation for the purpose of reviewing current health at the cellular level

Touch for Health Kinesology

A truly holistic therapy which combines a variety of massage techniques with acupressure, meridian therapy and emotional stress relief techniques

Specifically, pressure points. Each pressure point targets a specific location on your body, and manipulating them with pressure can work wonders on your aches and pains.
Biopuncture Injection

Injection treatment stimulates and supports the healing process specifically targeting the biotherapeutics in specific zones or point with natural preparations.

Ozone Therapy

Taking activated oxygen to the next level.  It neutralizes bacteria and viruses, promotes blood circulation, improves oxygenation and toxin discharge.

Rife Treatment
This bio resonance treat almost all known conditions. All matter has a unique frequency at which it disintegrates. It is frequency that kills or disables any sick cell.
Ionic Foot Detox Treatment
Extracting toxins from your body through the reflexology points in your feet by placing them in a bath of ionized water and using a detox machine to do the extraction.
Sinus Taping Treatment
Tapping techniques done on the face to release the pressure and drain the sinus cavities. Can help and relief headaches caused by sinus pressure.
Triger Point Massage
Massage point specifically to release the pain and tense muscles it is not a spa massage. Beneficial for pain release, tension and sport performance.

Our mission is to help you.

We offer a 100% natural approach to your health, based on the cause of the problem, not the symptomatic treatment normally found.

We Belief that we are not only what we eat, but what we can digest and absorb.

How We Work

With the first session, all new clients will be required to fill in a comprehensive medical history questionnaire. 

We operate o a 24 hour cancellation policy, without cancelling in this time frame you will be charged the full rate of your missed appointment.

Our Staff at BH&AT


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kinesiology and how does it assist the body?

Kinesiology is a complete 60min treatment. It activates the body on organ and systemic levels to release toxins. It also activates self healing.

How much Blood is taken in session and do we get the results immediately?

There is no blood drawn we use only one drop to analyze on a microscope slide.

Your blood will be analyzed Infront of you and discussed immediately.

Why must we drink water before water before having the Blood Analyses?

Water is essential before viewing the blood as it hydrates the cells if the blood analysist will have difficulty in viewing the blood clearly.

How log does one wait before having another Kinesoology treatment?

Kinesiology is best done every second week for the best results, to heal the body on the systemic value.

On our next visit will we see a difference in the Blood?

With your next visit your blood will be compared to the previous blood analysis and client will see the improvement and differences.

Why does one feel ill after a Kinesiology treatment ?

You may experience detox symptoms after a kinesiology or other treatments, the body under goes a active detox phase and may feel the the following symptoms; nauseous, headaches, even body aches and pains.