What is the Live and Dry analysis of the Biological Terrain?

Biological Terrain Microscopy Education is the science of qualitative blood observation for the purpose of reviewing current health at the cellular level, since blood is required throughout the entire body and without it we would cease to exist.

“If the blood is sick, you will be too” Dr. Robert O Young - writer of the “Miracle of Weight Loss”

The quality of the blood is vital to a healthy disease free existence, and this is dependent on the correct molecular nutrition. Healthy blood pH is 7.365 and the body will do anything to maintain this level just as it will to maintain the correct body temperature.

When we eat unhealthy or acidic foods, the body has to work much harder to bring the pH level back to its preferred alkaline balance of 7.365, drawing buffering reserves & energy from our bodies, often making us feel sick and tired.

There are two types of observances involved in Biological Terrain microscopy. Live blood analysis. Live means the blood has not been altered or disturbed in any way. We want you see your blood exactly as it is behaving inside your body and this only requires a drop from the fingertip. You will then be able to observe live on a screen the quality of your red blood cells, the activity of your white blood cells, whether there are bacteria, yeasts, fungus or mold present. If the things that eat you when you are deceased are present now, we are forewarned and can make necessary changes to the pH environment.

Various deficiencies, allergies and dietary imbalances are also detected. You will receive an overall picture of how you have been living, eating and thinking over the past 120 days. (This is since the red blood cells take approximately 120 days to recycle in the body). The second is dry blood analysis. These two analyses is your systems story of the state that your health is in. This analysis could save your life.